Scheme for Talent Development

Motivated by “Made in China 2025”, “Internet Plus”, “Energy Revolution” and other national initiatives, the school adheres to the “student-centered, study & development-driven” teaching philosophy. The school is dedicated to promoting fusion between general education and specialized education, interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as interactions between teaching, research and industrial application. The school has made contributions to the updating and remolding of traditional engineering majors and upgraded the objectives and scope of major development.


Scheme for Talent Development

The school made great efforts to break the barriers between different disciplines and redefine the discipline boundaries in light of organizational characteristics of the majors, knowledge systems and course systems. While promoting the above-mentioned fusions and interplays, the school has established a scheme for developing top-notch innovative talents in electrical engineering, aka the “1-3-4-8” scheme for talent development. To construct such a system and improve the quality of the educational experience provided for the students, the school has followed ideas and principles described below:

1) The “One Center” (student-centered, study & development-driven)

2) The “Trinity” of core values, comprehensive skills and multi-dimensional knowledge

3) The “Combination  of Four” (general education, specialized education, practice & innovation, personality development)

4) The project-oriented modularized course system

5) The “Eight Measures” (idea remolding, general education enhancement, course condensation, attention to practice, attention to individuation & internationalization, promotion of interdisciplinary studies, integration enhancement, quality improvement)


Project-Oriented Modularized Course System

In accordance with national strategies and the needs of emerging industries, the school has put in place a talent development scheme with undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs closely consolidated to produce excellent talents in technological and engineering innovation. The school has exerted itself to delivering different types of graduates with strength in research, engineering practice or innovation who have acquired remarkable abilities to work across different fields, an international perspective and proper appreciation of collaboration.