Alumni Association

The School of Electrical Engineering & Automation Alumni Association

The School of Electrical Engineering & Automation, renowned as “the cradle of engineers” long before it was officially founded in 1993, had developed from the original Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering founded in 1920.. In the 1950s, a large number of graduates of the Department of Electric Machinery of Harbin Institute of Technology started their careers as teachers of prestigious universities in New China and made great contributions to the establishment of electrical majors in many Chinese universities. By July 2020 when both the school and HIT celebrated their centenary , the number of the graduates of the school has rose above 18,000, with a great many outstanding alumni working worldwide in all walks of life. Many of our graduates have also made tremendous contributions to the country’s national defense, aerospace industry, development in other industries, and progress in science and technology .

The School of Electrical Engineering & Automation Alumni Association was founded in June, 2020, aimed at cooperating with the HIT Alumni Association, further strengthening ties with our alumni as well as making contributions to the careers of our alumni and the development of the school and the university.

When drinking water, one should grateful to its  source; when reaping a harvest of the crops, one should have reverence for those who sow the seeds. Alumni are inseparable from the university because of their blood ties with it. They are the most valuable and precious asset of the school provide a inexhaustible driving force for reform and development in all undertakings of the school. Looking back on our striving and achievements in the last  hundred years, we are confident at this point of time that we will help open a new chapter in the development of the university in the next century . A. Alumni of the School of Electrical Engineering & Automation will make greater contributions with their wisdom and strength to building a top-ranking school and a university in the world, lending their help with the great rejuvenation of China.


Founding ceremony of HIT  School of Electrical Engineering and Automation Alumni Association


Honorary Chairman Qiang Jinlong delivering speech


Association plaque bestowed by HIT Alumni Association