100 Anniversary

Summary Meeting of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of HIT

2021-01-08 06:30 管理员

On January 2, the summary meeting of the 100th anniversary of the founding of HIT was held in the Room 301 of the Students Activity Center, which comprehensively summarized the achievements and experience of the celebration. Xiong Sihao, Secretary of the Party committee of HIT, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while Zhou Yu, President of HIT, presided over the meeting. The meeting was broadcast live to the main campus and two branch campuses of HIT. Xiong Sihao, on behalf of the university, extended warm congratulations to the award-winning departments and individuals, and paid high respect to the teachers, students, staff and alumni of the three campuses of the HIT.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of HIT, the celebration preparations office and other two groups won the honorary title of "special contribution group"; the university office and other seven groups won the honorary title of "outstanding contribution group" ; 13 groups, including the HIT museum, won the honorary title of "excellent group" ; Ji Peng and other 11 individuals won the honorary title of "outstanding contribution individual" ; Yu Hongbo and other 71 teachers and students were awarded the honorary title of "excellent individual" .

Xu Dianguo, Yao Limin and Liu Hong respectively presented awards to the collectives and individuals who won the honorary title of"outstanding contribution individual", "special contribution group" and "outstanding contribution group".

The success of the 100th anniversary commemoration cannot be separated from the silent dedication of many Harbin Institute of Technology people. Therefore, the university decided to set up the “Yi Yao Award”. The audience watched the short film tribute to the "Yi Yao Award" group and paid tribute to these selfless behind-the-scenes heroes.

Meng Songhe, dean of the School of Astronautics, and Li Shoubin, deputy director of the All Media Center, spoke on behalf of the award-winning individuals and collectives respectively.

Heads of departments and schools, students, staff and alumni, teachers and students of Weihai campus and Shenzhen Campus attended the meeting online.