Emerging Research Directions

Energy Storage & Power Conversion Technology

2020-06-06 12:09 管理员

Energy Storage Technology is a core technology for promoting a national energy revolution, China’s energy security, and efficient use of energy. The research team faces the national energy development strategy needs and international technological frontiers, and aims to solve key problems with technologies for energy storage such as small scale, low efficiency, high cost and low density. Through integration of multiple disciplines and fields, the research team carries out researches on basic theory and key technologies, providing a core technical support for building a cleaner, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy industry system in China.

Research Content

Basic theory of energy storage system

Power conversion technologies for energy storage system

Grid-connected control strategy of the energy storage system

Application of energy storage technology in energy Internet

Economic performance of the large-scale energy storage technology

New principles and methods of energy storage

Honorary Titles and Achievements

Four provincial and ministerial science and technology awards

Thirty programs supported by NSFC

One Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

One hundred and thirty invention patents

One IEEE Fellow

One awardee of the MOE's New Century Talent Program


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