Emerging Research Directions

Theory and Technology of Plasma Electromagnetic Control

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Seeking to advance scientific and technological frontiers in a global context and to meet China's national strategic demands, the team focuses on researches on Technology of Plasma Electromagnetic Control, including Theory and Methods of Plasma Electromagnetic Control, Key Technology of New High-efficiency Plasma, Plasma Parameters Diagnosis and Control, Plasma Simulation and Application in Extreme Environment, and applications of plasma in the fields of energy, environment, materials, bio-medicine, advanced manufacturing, aerospace technology.

Research Areas

Theory of Plasma Electromagnetic Control

Advanced Plasma Parameters Diagnosis

Plasma Key Parameters Control Strategy

New High-efficiency Plasma Generation Technology

Plasma Simulation and Application in Extreme Environment

Projects and Achievements

One major national science and technology infrastructure project

Two national key research and development projects

Eight programs supported by NSFC

Eleven projects supported by provincial and ministerial funds

More than 50 high-level SCI articles

Seventeen authorized invention patents


左上:Advanced Plasma Parameters Diagnosis

左下:Plasma Key Parameters Control Strategy

中:Plasma in Extreme Environment

右上:Theory of Plasma Electromagnetic Control

右下:New High-efficiency Plasma Generation Technology

下:Major national science and technology infrastructure projects—Space plasma environment simulation and research system

Iconic Achievements and Applications

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