Research Directions of Perennial Distinction

Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

2020-06-05 17:54 管理员

Based on the latest international theories and technical achievements in power electronics, the research team explores solutions with international advancement and national characteristics to major scientific issues and major engineering and technical issues in the contemporary field of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. Through the support of major national science and technology projects, national key research and development programs, and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, internationally advanced innovative results and outstanding social and economic benefits have been achieved in the direction of Control Techniques of AC-motor Drives, High Precision Servo Control System and Power Electronic Based Power System. Professor Xu Dianguo won the 2018 IEEE IAS Outstanding Achievement Award, becoming the first Chinese mainland award winner since its establishment in 1969.

Research Areas

Sensorless Control Theory of AC-motor

High Precision Servo Control System

Power Electronic Integration Technology Based on Wide Band Gap Devices

High Frequency or Ultra High Frequency Power Conversion Technology

Renewable Energy Power Conversion Technology

Power Electronic and Power System Integration Technique

Team and Achievements

One national science and technology award

Twelve provincial and ministerial science and technology awards

Thirty-five national scientific research projects

One IEEE Fellow

Two winners of the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars

Two  Zhongda Young Scholars


Iconic Achievements and Applications

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    Application of sensorless control technique in domestic high-power port machinery & equipment

  • 未标题-1.jpg

    Application of high-performance servo control system in domestic CNC machine tools and robots

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    MW-level modular power electronic equipment

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    Application of LED automatic light supplement system in plant factory