Research Directions of Perennial Distinction

Green Power System and Smart Energy

2020-06-05 17:41 管理员

The school, adhering to China’s national clean energy strategy and the strategy of innovation-driven development, set to tasks of supporting large-scale renewable energy development, by engaging in research on Green Power System Operating & Dispatching, Power Grid Intelligent Sensing & Security Defensing, Multi-energy Complementary Integrated Energy System Coordination Optimization, and the ubiquitous electric power related internet of things and smart grid technology. There has been an emphasis on providing basic theoretical and key technical support for the new generation of power systems and energy Internet.

Research Areas

Green Power System Operating & Dispatching

Power Grid Intelligent Sensing & Controlling

Clean Energy & DC Transmission

Optical Power Sensing & Protecting

Flexible AC transmission & Distribution Equipment

Integrated Energy System Co-optimization & Optimization

Projects and Achievements

Ten provincial and ministerial science and technology awards

Three projects funded by the 863 Program and the 973 Program

Eighteen programs supported by NSFC

Two projects funded by the National key R & D plan

One awardee of "the Young Talent Support Project" of the China Association of Science and Technology

Twelve State Grid Corporation Headquarters Projects


Iconic Achievements and Applications


Optical Power Sensing & Protecting

The project obtained completely independent intellectual property rights, 30 invention patents and a first prize of the provincial scientific and technological progress award, with the equipment installed at more than 200 venues.


Flexible AC Transmission & Distribution Equipment

The project obtained completely independent intellectual property rights and a second prize of the National Defense Scientific and Technoloical Progress Award, produced a number of gap-filling technologies successfully marketed in 30 provinces.