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Institute of Electrical Theory and New Technology

2020-05-14 06:21 管理员

The Institute of Electrical Theory and New Technology (IETNT) considers the teaching of electrical engineering at the core of its educational mission, and looks forward to promoting research on international scientific frontiers and the application of new technologies in the field of aerospace, national defense and automation. The IETNT focuses on the teaching and practice of basic electrical theory whose research fields include numerical analysis and magnetic measurement of electromagnetic field engineering, power electronics and electric energy conversion, motor drive and control, high dynamic target test and tracking technology, arc of aerospace apparatus and PVD, etc. The IETNT is committed to the integration of teaching and research. Our staff consists of 8 full-time teachers, including 4 professors (doctoral supervisors) and 3 associate professors. The team is led by provincial level distinguished teachers and top professors in teaching. Our faculty won many honors such as awards from national young teacher teaching competition, Baosteel excellent teachers, provincial excellent teaching achievements. The faculty of the IETNT deliver most of courses for electrical circuits and electromagnetic field available to undergraduate and graduate students of HIT, achieving A or A+ student ratings in more than 80% of the courses. The IETNT holds 6 online open courses, with some recognized as national level excellent online open courses or national level resource sharing courses. In addition to the achievements in teaching, the IETNT has undertaken many research  and teaching-research projects supported by national foundations and programs such as the NSFC Foundation, ZhuangFa pre-research project, national education index Committee project, etc., Our faculty have published more than 100 research papers with 43 published in SCI indexed journals and 36 in EI indexed journals and won two provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.