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Institute of Electric Power

2020-05-14 06:18 管理员

The Institute of Electric Power originated from the electro-technology major established in 1920 by our university, and it is one of the earliest majors dedicated to delivering talents to the electric power sector in China. In the early fifties of the 20th century, with the instruction and help of experts from the former Soviet Union, the major of electric power of HIT became one of the backbone majors of Chinese universities, which helped develop electric power majors in other colleges and universities in China by lending or offer its faculty members and graduates to these institutions. After 1961, civilian majors such as electric power systems were relocated to Beijing Electric Power University and Wuhan Institute of Water Conservancy.

In 1978, the admission of postgraduate students was resumed, and for undergraduate students the admission was resumed in 1987. In 1990, the doctoral program in electric power system and automation was approved, and the postdoctoral fellowship in the first-level discipline of electrical engineering was approved in the same year.

The institute currently has 18 teaching and researching staff, including 8 professors, 7 associate professors and 3 lecturers. With the specialties closely integrated with the country’s national strategic demands for energy for, the institute has been promoting cutting edge research and interdisciplinary studies, especially in the field of green power and smart energy. The institute has also successfully established complementarity, mutual support and coordinated development in teaching, research and commercialization.


Research Directions

Green Power system Operating & Dispatching

Power Grid Intelligent Sensing & Controlling

Clean Energy & DC Transmission

Optical Power Sensing & Protecting

Flexible AC transmission & Distribution Equipment