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Special Motor Research Center (SMRC)

2020-05-14 06:18 管理员

The Special Motor Research Center (SMRC) with 25 faculty and staff members focuses on research areas including special motors and drive systems, motor systems in extreme environments, vibration and noise suppression for motor systems, advanced motor control strategies. Since 1980, SMRC has engaged in the research of special motors, and has undertaken more than 20 national-level scientific research projects, with support from National High-Tech Research and Development Program(863 Program), Major National Science and Technology Programs, National Natural Science Foundation of China, pre-research projects for General Armament Department, manned spaceflight, lunar exploration program, deep-sea exploration and military equipment support. More than 150 projects were undertaken in the high-tech fields related to national defense and aerospace as well as national economy. Until now, more than 300 papers and 2 books have been published, and more than 80 Chinese invention patents and 1 US patent have been granted. Moreover, related research results have won 1 second prize of National Technological Invention Award, 2 second prizes of National Scientific and Technology Progress Award, 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology prizes, and 1 national-level competition award.

Motor systems developed by the SMRC have been applied in all of the deep-space, deep-sea and deep-EARTH environments. Space environment motor systems are applied in the lunar rover, Shenzhou spacecrafts, Fengyun satellites and rockets; deep-sea motor systems are used for Jiaolong manned submersible, Deep-Sea Warrior manned submersible, 10,000-meter manned submersible, submarines and other equipments; deep-EARTH motors are employed for Greedy Snakes equipment, sidewall coring tools and formation testing instruments. SMRC has supported the implementation of major national tasks and has solved technological obstacles in meeting major national needs.


Motor systems in extreme environments