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Institute of reliability in electrical apparatus and electronics

2020-04-17 08:23 管理员

The Institute of Reliability in Electrical Apparatus and Electronics (IREAE), founded in January 2001, is the only research institute for military and aerospace electrical apparatus in China. In collaboration with HIT Heilongjiang Key Laboratory for Electrical and Electronic Reliability Technology, the IREAE specializes in researches on electrical machinery and electrical apparatus, which is both a national key discipline and a national-defense-oriented discipline of HIT. At present, there is a team of 12 teaching staff, 63 doctoral candidates and master’s candidate, 1 postdoctoral fellow, 53 researchers and engineers in IREAE. Among the faculty members, there are 5 professors (all doctoral supervisors), 6 associate professors and 1 lecturer.

Seeking to advance scientific and technological frontiers in a global context and to meet China's national strategic demands of key interest to national economy, the IREAE is committed to tackling the challenges of technical problems of enterprises and common technical problems of the industry and integrates teaching, research and commercialization in the field of aerospace. The IREAE has completed or undertaken more than 80 research projects, most of which are founded by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Advance Research Fund of Equipment Development Department. The IREAE has published more than 800 research papers (with 366 publshed in SCI and EI indexed journals), more than 90 authorized invention patents, and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 5 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. The IREAE has been continually involved in solving professional and technical problems for more than 30 enterprises. Since 2011, the IREAE has established joint R&D centers with more than 10 enterprises, including the Qunying Electronics, Hongfa Group and AVIC JONHON OPTRONIC.


(1) Basic theory and technology of electrical apparatus(electrical arc,electrical contact,electromagnetic mechanism,thermology,electrodynamic force);

(2) Multi-physical fields coupling modeling and virtual prototyping technology;

(3) Life reliability of electrical apparatus and electronic equipment;

(4) Testability design and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) of electrical apparatus and electronic equipment;

(5) Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) nondestructive testing technology;

(6) Quality consistency and robust design for products and advanced manufacturing technology



The invention was awarded the second prize of national science and technology progress with more than 50 sets sold in aerospace and aviation customers in both  domestic and global markets (Russia, Pakistan, etc.).


We developed a new relay named 2JT5-5 for Guilin Aerospace Electronic Co., Ltd . Since 2010, nearly 300000 products (150 batches per year) have all passed the first time routine test. There are zero failure report from satellite and rocket customers in the past decade.